Wing to start Drone delivery in Finland’s capital

Alphabet owned drone startup “Wing”, is set to launch a delivery service in Finland’s capital “Helsinki” in the coming month. This will be a trial where deliveries will be made to the resident of Vuosaari, which is the capital most populous area. The wing would be offering product from only two product as of now: local restaurant Cafe Monami and the gourmet supermarket Herkku Food Market.

Wing initially announced to launch a trial drone delivery service in Finland. At the time, it was calculated that the drone would cover a maximum of 10 Km with packages weighing 1.5kg or less, and the delivery time was expected to be around 10 mins. Since the announcement, Wing had a test flight in Teisko, another city north of Helsinki to ensure that its drone can fly in such harsh conditions. After which Wing also received approval to start their delivering service in the US.

Wing also hosted a local community event in Vuosaari to inform the local resident that a drone will be flying over their head in the coming days. However, it has been a smooth ride for Wing who have criticized for the amount of noise their drone makes while flying. During their trial period in Canberra, Australia resident told ABC News that they could hear drones flying in the neighborhood even when the windows were shut down.

However, the complaints didn’t had much effect, and it didn’t stop Australia’s aviation authority from granting Wing approval to start their delivery service.

While Wing is going strong, it’s rival Amazon’s Prime Air delivery service has been silent. After their much-publicized drone delivery in the UK back in 2016 and another one in the USA in 2017, the company hasn’t announced anything, and a spokesperson from Amazon says that are committed to their drone delivery.