US attorney indicts Obama Drone strike Whistleblower

Recently, the US attorney filed an indictment against former intelligence officer Daniel Everett Hale. Daniel is charged with multiple counts of the Espionage Act as he obtained confidential US govt documents and gave them to a journalist.

They didn’t mention any news organization or reporter in the indictment. However, many speculate that the publisher is the Intercept and the reporter is Jeremy Scahill. In October 2015, Scahill published his eight-part series in the Intercept called “The Drone Papers,” based on a cache of secret presentations provided by an undisclosed source.

The series revealed some shocking facts to the public, it highlighted pentagon drone-based warfare for more than a decade. It also showed President Obama keen interest in drone assassination program and had been running it from the white house since 2011. Another shocking fact revealed in the segment was that drone strikes killed three US citizens in Yemen between Jan 2011 and June 2012. Intercept reported that the person killed was radical preacher Anwar al Awlaki, his teenage son Abdulrahman Awlaki and his friend Samir Khan.

In an article by The World Socialist Web Site, it states that under the disguise of “war on terror”, Pentagon and CIA have been running two parallel drone assassination programs. These programs were operated to kill specific individuals in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia. Scahill also explains that DNC President Obama rebranded “assassination” as “targeted killing.”

Many are viewing this indictment as an attempt by Trump administration and the US military intelligence to silence anyone who wishes to tell the dark truth about American operations. As for new wars, America is officially operating in Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and others. Those who wish to expose their crime are prosecuted in an attempt to prevent exposure of even more shocking operations.