US Army Launched New Technology Which is Capable of Destroying the Drones

US Army will be called as drone busters very soon. The army has found a new technology which will track, monitor, jam or kill the drones remotely. The technology uses “Electronic warfare” which usually interferes with the GPS signal of enemy drones and destroys them completely.

The army has already deployed the front line forces to disrupt and deter drone operations on a large scale. These drone busters will use all the latest technology to interrupt the drones.

The drones are usually operated with the help of a remote control system which emits and transmits the signal. With this new technology, it is very easy to disrupt the signal and control it. A bunch of radio frequencies are enough to carry out this work- said Director of Army’s Rapid Equipping force, Col. Joe Bookard.

The drones, quadcopters or various other unmanned aerial vehicle systems have been playing an important role in the defense department of countries. The enemies are using these weapons to either observe the opponents places with a camera or they are turning the drone into a weapon too.

The REF is already supporting the army by responding to such drone attacks immediately. They are making sure that the issues are addressed with utmost perfection on an immediate basis.

“We have been on the leading edge of providing immaterial solutions for globally forced employee forces for years”- Bookard said.

The EW weapons have so many advantages when compared to the other weapons. They are capable of reducing the collateral damage and also aids in disguising the location when needed.

Bookard said that there was a time when a soldier was deployed to clear a room, but now a drone is enough to know who is inside the room. It is important to have these drone busters in order to control these types of issues.