Unidentified drone spotted in US Embassy in Baghdad

The US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq saw an unidentified drone flying nearby on 16th May after which the whole embassy was put on a security lockdown. This was confirmed by a state Department Official who told CNN that there were reports of an unmanned aerial object flying near the US Embassy in Baghdad on 16th May.

After the standard protocol was followed and the Embassy security personnel informed the staff about it, and the security lockdown was done. Soon it was confirmed that drone did not pose any threat to the personnel or facility in the embassy and the embassy returned to its normal functioning.

You wouldn’t see such a reaction from the US, but the tension between the US and Iran is at peak due to their nuclear deal talks. So, the US has ordered some of its nonessential personnel to depart the embassy in Baghdad, which is said to be reaction decision and decrease the threat on the Embassy.

Major news channel such as CNN also reported that US officials are concerned that Iran and its proxies pose a threat to the US and its citizens in the region with their advanced drone attack.

Reports suggest that Iran could use this drone attack as leverage in its negotiations with the US over the nuclear deal. With attacks on Saudi oil installation by Houthis who believe to be controlled by the people in Tehran. So, an attack on the US and its allies’ facilities doesn’t seem far-fetched.

However, the state department is assured they can defend any attack, and they have also diverted some of its warship and bombers in the Gulf to send a message that it won’t be bullied into a deal.