UK’s Civil Aviation Authority Seeks Drone Registration Tax

The Civil Aviation authority of UK is assigned with the task of making the aviation process better for those who fly and those who don’t. The latest plan of CAA comes in the shape of a drone registration tax. The proposal is open until 7 June for online responses. The aviation regulator may pass on the drone registration cost to those who would register themselves.

For a while now, the drone registration proposal scheme has been in work. If the proposal enacted, it would seed effect from 1 November. Owners with drones that weigh more than 0.55 lbs or 250 g would have to give £16.50 per year apparently to pay for the scheme administration.

Civil Aviation Authority is commencing at this rate as 170,000 people are registering. In the United States, the FAA has drone registration program. People there, have to register based on the same guideline of 250 g weight. But interestingly the charges for a 3-year license is $5, which is 13x times less than what CAA proposes.

Ridiculous history of drone sightings in British skies is not new. Airports have been shut, and questionable excuses are prepared. Only one thing remains constant that no substantial proof of the production of any drone. The British Government is keeping hope on the registration program as they are unable to understand the problem entirely.

But the fact is many people are misusing the drones, and public safety is getting disrupted. As some drone owners are endangering the security, the implementation of justice should be implemented as swiftly as possible. But it seems the problem has been over-represented. It also appears that the scheme can do little on the criminal misuse of uncrewed small aircraft. It is not concrete that the measurement can effect on various incidents that blame drones. The high cost of the proposal also brings some burdens for responsible operators.