There’s Still No Link Between Video Games and Violence: Research

Do video games trigger violence? No link is found by any scientific studies. This theory exists because politicians consider it as an easy target on both sides of the aisle.

Donald Trump gave reserved statements during his last brush with this subject in 2018 where he called video games as “vicious” and also invited executives of the game industry to meet at the White House.

The biggest trade group of the video game, “The Entertainment Software Association” recapitulated its position by saying that there exists no connection between violence and video games.

It is known that billions of people play video games throughout the globe and more than 165 millions of Americans enjoy playing games, thus a particular group gave its statement to this by saying, “Yet other societies exist who play video games more enthusiastically still the number of tragic levels and violence in the US is more than these societies”.

What does the research say?

Benjamin Burroughs, professor at the University of Nevada for emerging media, in Las Vegas said, “There is no sort of longitudinal studies that shows a link between video games and violence”. ”Surely there exists no connection between the two”. He said that some studies show a short term increase in the feelings and aggressive thoughts in many people after playing video games but that does not rise to the level of violence.

He added by saying ”A feeling of distress is aroused among plenty of players when they lose while playing or feel the game was duping yet it doesn’t prompt brutal outputs”.

Researchers of Indiana University found in a study in 2006 that teenagers who played more of violent video games showed more elevated levels of enthusiastic excitement yet the parts of the brain contains less activity associated with the capacity to plan, direct and control the contemplations and behaviour.