The world is getting used to drones while Africa perfected it

Application of new technology in startups and companies is very rapid, with the growing popularity of drones. Startups and companies around the globe are running the possibility of use of drones for a variety of purpose.

Still, many countries are creating legislatures to govern these drones as, and they aren’t used in a negative purpose. Hence, it is taking a lot of time. On the other hand, Africa has already aced the Drone industry and is almost 30 years ahead of everyone in the world.

Companies like Amazon are using drones to automate last-mile deliveries in a busy area. Meanwhile, scientists are advancing drones even more so that they are able to assist during wartime, emergency rescue deployments, and etc. In India, govt is trying to use drones to replace people in some of the most inhumane or dangerous jobs in a vast country.

As we mentioned above African countries are far ahead when it comes to drones. Rwanda, an African country is working miracles with the drone. Zipline, a California-based drone startup has partnered with the Rwanda Ministry of health and are making emergency medical deliveries using drones. They are particularly trying to deliver blood to remote hospitals where their stock runs out for transfusions.

A report suggested that Zipline has delivered more than 5,500 units of blood till January of last year. They are now able to cut the long hour delivery time to a mere 25 minutes or so. This is enough to decide whether a person lives or die in a hospital. Stats show drone delivery has helped more than five million people in grave need. Seeing their success, Zipline is now aiming to expand its operations in North America.