The US warns its commercial airliners of the risk of flying over tension heightened Gulf

Amidst the on-going tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, US diplomats have issued a warning to commercial airliners that are flying over the wider Gulf have a risk of being “misidentified”.

The issue is due to the current situation, which was heightened by the drone strike on a Saudi oil installation, which is believed to be conducted by Iran. Even maritime shipping in the gulf has potential risks.

Another resource says that the White House has ordered his bombers and warships to move in the Gulf region. This is to an unexplained, alleged threat from Iran.

The Saudi alleges that Iran targeted four Oil tankers off the coast of UAE and also behind the drone strike. The Saudi Royal family is furious and wants the US to launch a surgical strike on Tehran, this is according to a local newspaper.

Another source reports that Exxon Mobil evacuated all of its foreign staff members out of Iraq’s on Saturday and has landed them out in Dubai.

All of this roll back to Trump’s decision of backing out from the 2015 nuclear accord between Iran and world powers. The deal was simple, Iran would stop enriching uranium, and all of the sanctions will be lifted from them.

However, Trump decided it was a bad deal, and he withdrew from it. Iran said it would begin enriching uranium if Europe didn’t come up with new terms in 60 days. However, that didn’t happen, and with drone strikes in Saudi, the tension in the Gulf has never been more heightened in recent years.

The US government stated that flying aircraft over the Gulf has an inadvertent risk and can put US citizens life in danger if they fly in this heightened military activities and increased political tension.