The drone that can deliver the goods, anywhere

When it comes to delivering supplies and other materials to war-torn areas or other sensitive areas, it is considered to be ‘risky’ at best. And this is where the recent drone announcement of Silent Arrow GD-2000 comes in. As a cargo delivery drone, it can get essential supplies to sensitive areas and locations. It can even enable governments to supply their armed forces with essential supplies.

The drone has been developed by the Yates Electrospace Corporation and it currently weighs at 2000 pounds only along with a capacity to carry/ transport nearly 1631 pounds of supplies. It comes with a rectangular shaped fuselage (2ft by 8ft) and a wingspan of 28 ft. It is well designed and looks elegant.  The drone can be carried on a cargo plane such as Lockheed or it can be mounted and tethered beneath a helicopter as well. The drone is stored with its wings folded and therefore, it does not take up much space.

Once the carrier is within 40 miles of the intended target, the drone can be released from a height ranging from 25000 ft to mean sea level height of 1500 ft. The drone, post its release is guided to its targeted location electronically. What makes the drone standout is the fact that it silently glides to the targeted area, thereby making it the perfect safe medium to deliver payloads in sensitive locations. Once the payload has been delivered, the GD 2000’s operational life comes to an end. But according to the YEC head, Chip Yates – the company has more drones under the anvil, including reusable drones with landing and takeoff. The current G2000 is a disposable model but it seems that we can expect improved versions to be launched soon.

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