Texas Senate Bill stated that Flying a Drone near Military Base can result in Jail Time

The state lawmakers are cracking down any drone activity over the Texas military bases, and this includes Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base. They fear that these drones can be a threat to the military database.

The Senate of state has given unanimous approval on Wednesday to a bill introduced by Sen. Beverly Powell from Fort Worth. This bill restricts the individuals from flying drones or unmanned aerial vehicles on or even near the military bases. The violation of this rule can result in jail time as well as fine.

Powell said in a statement that preventing the drone encroachments will improvise the security of military bases and crucial infrastructure. The public hasn’t opposed to this bill and passed to Senate as “local and uncontested” calendar that is reserved for the non-controversial legislation.

The Democratic Senate has introduced Senate Bill 2299 as a response to the multiple incursions of drones at joint reserve bases that are located in Fort Worth’s west side which is across from the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics plant which manufactures F35 supersonic warplane.

Navy Capt. Jonathan R Townsend, the commanding officer at Naval Airstation Joint Reserve base stated that the drone incursions started growing worries about the security and safety at Texas military facilities.

Texas has numerous National Guard installations and reserves. Star-Telegram reported that a camera-equipped drone was spotted on the taxiway of the Fort Worth base in January 2018. After several months, another drone was found. The Townsend told the senator that he has found a drone in the air which was roaming around the military base in a surveillance mode. He stated that the drone was present above the sensitive part of the base.

In order to curb these kinds of activities, the Senator has approved this law.