Tech Companies developing drone and robot for the US Military

The future is imagined to be with robots fighting our wars and hoping to capitalize on this, many defense contractors are investing in drones that are said to surveil enemy territory and neutralize targets.

This has resulted in many new companies being opened which are hoping to develop unmanned drones which can be used by the military. One such company is FLIR Systems which has its headquarters, less than a mile from the Pentagon. The company has its roots in thermal imaging and sensing but is now refocusing its eyes on the military market.

The company is acquiring ownership rights to the unmanned system that the US military is buying in the market. They are also trying to make new contacts in the Pentagon in a bid to sell more of their robots to military agencies. They spend almost $200 million to acquire Aeryon Labs, which is a Canadian company which makes “SkyRanger”, which is a small surveillance drone and is controlled by a handheld tablet. The company claims their drone has already deployed military forces.

FLIR also acquired a Norwegian company called Prox Dynamics which are developing a different type of surveillance drone which is hand-sized and quiet.

Another such company is AeroVironment and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions which is a California based company. Recently, they declared of developing their own unmanned drones which will be controlled by a larger drone.

This has come after a report by Endeavor Robotics which claims that the US military has used 7000 of its bomb-defusing robots.  Endeavor is the primary contractor for the US military for developing robotic combat vehicle.

Hence, a number of people are venturing into the drone business and trying to develop their own unique drone or an unmanned robot. These companies are betting that the US military will rely heavily on AI in the future.