Regular Autonomous Drone Deliveries in China gets a Kick Off by DHL

Being confident in the new delivery service of drones in China, the large reputed German-based company DHL partnered with EHang. They share the big news this week that they are going to start this delivery service in China by collaborating with the drone specialists EHang. The partner company has already broken a weightlifting record in drones by showing a 1-seater flying taxi.

However, the company, for this project, designed an entirely different category of drones. It is capable of bearing as high as 12 pounds load with a dimension of 3 feet across weighing 21 pounds itself. The drone can go as fast as 40 MPH and have a flight time of about 38 minutes when empty as compared to 18 minutes with the load.

The company claims that the delivery times will shorten from 40 minutes to 8 minutes on their 8 km route. Surprisingly, the price slashes down 80% and not only on the cost but the carbon footprint as well.

They have built mini-warehouses in the form of smart yellow cabinets where those drones would take their cargo. The cargo would first be loaded by with parcels by the workers in the company so that the drones can take them up. After loading the cargo with them, the drone would set out for delivery, and with the help of GPS feature and optical sensors, one can easily guide it to the desired location. It can be a case that some problems can occur in its route; that’s why eight rotors are stuffed in it to ensure a safe journey.

Since the drone needs a cabinet to load and unload its cargo, the receiver would need one such cabinet too. The smart cabinet gets the cargo to an empty locker. The protection of cargo is also of utmost importance. That’s why the customer needs to scan a code and has to verify his identity through facial recognition.

Countries like the US recently got a green signal to test these delivery facilities with its Wing drones. Also, states like Virginia and Montgomery County can access the trials later this year.