Now Get Ready to Pay for Owning the Drone

According to the new plans by the UK Aviation Authority, every drone and model aircraft owners will be paying the fee of £16.50 annually. This proposal was in the talks from quite a time.

From November, if someone is holding models weighing between 20kg to 250g the person will be legally obliged to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). After successful registration, operators will get a unique code which should be implemented to all drones they are owning. It would likewise be compulsory for all operators of the drone to perform a free online safety test from the same month.

The CAA is discussing on a registration fee to cover its costs before the release of a totally new online registration scheme in October. CAA assumes that somewhere about 170,000 users will register themselves.

Also, if an owner fails to comply with the new rules it could direct a £1,000 fine.

Why UK Aviation Authority Imposed this System?

This new registration clause came into play when the Gatwick airport shut down for around 33 hrs. just a week ahead of Christmas. At that time a massive number of drones came into sight which resulted in chaos as approximately 140,000 passengers agitated to the extent that the army involvement arose with anti-drone equipment. Also, this year in January, Heathrow airport witnessed closure because of the drone sightings.

Such circumstances lead to Heathrow and Gatwick both to invest a lot of financial resources for combatting drones’ sightings.

It is further supposed that from the subsequent year, the European Union may also ask its member states to develop the same guidelines to uphold a national registration for drone owners.