Kalashnikov is Planning on Delivering Suicide Drone

Kalashnikov, the company which acquired a lot of fame around the world due to their AK-47 is now planning to step into the drones game. The company developed a small-sized drone that is capable of crashing a three-kilogram warhead into the target that is present 40 kilometers away.

This Kalashnikov KUB-BLA drone is 1.2 meters length and is capable of flying for thirty minutes at a deadly speed of 130 kilometers per hour. This drone is highly efficient and possesses a great capacity. It is not easy to combat this drone with the common air defense system.

However, the Russians aren’t the only ones to use these drones. US has already gone on record as it used these drones against the ISIS members in a battle back in 2016-2017.

The only difference between Americans and Russians developing the suicide drones is that the Russians have a notorious track record of where their weapons technologies end up.

Kalashnikov is a company that is well known for its reliable AK-47 weapon which is very simple to use. The terrorist organizations around the world use these AK-47 guns. It has given substantial power to the wrong people in various corners of the globe. The same company is now bringing lethal drones for sale. It has promised that these drones will be cost effective and highly productive. So it can be assumed that the wrong hands can get these drones with ease.

The US government is very cautious about their weapons, but Russia doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to their deadly weapons. They do not impose any kind of filters, and it isn’t going to be a wonder when people like Kim, Assad or Maduro use these suicide drones.