Foreign tourist tried to fly his Drone in a busy area in Tokyo

Something very unusual happened in Tokyo on 12th May at 2 o’clock, a foreign tourist decided to use his drone in a busy scrambling road cross in Shibuya Ward. The local police didn’t take it well and warned the tourist about his activities.

The police had to intervene as the Japanese aviation law forbids anyone to operate an unmanned aircraft in a crowded urban area. Interesting none of the pedestrians took notice of the flying drone over their head, or they didn’t care to object or report it. Luckily, no accidents were reported at the time.

However, the incident was caught on a camera when an NHK employee recorded the drone flight on his smartphone. The employee said the drone was orange in color and flew up to eight floors high and it remained aerial for quite a while as it roamed about the scramble crossing.

The employee also shows the man who is operating his drone from the crossing. The police didn’t approach him until he stopped manipulating the drone. Later, Police confirmed that the man operating the drone was a foreign tourist. He didn’t know that it was illegal in Japan to fly a drone over an urban area. Hence, the Police left him by giving a warning.

However, the police did a background on the man and confirmed that he didn’t have any connection with the unidentified objects flying over the Imperial Palace and around the city a few weeks ago.

This is a big event as the city of Tokyo have seen many suspicious drones flying around, and with the growing terrorist threat, the police are taking no chances.