Fixed wing Drone is expected to be used in Agriculture in the coming years

Experts suggest that the Agricultural Drones Market, especially the fixed-wing product, is set to grow exponentially in the coming few years. The segment is said to dominate the industry due to its ability to carry heavy payloads and cover long distances. Imaging software will also be vital in processing the images captured by the cameras mounted on these UAVs. This will also result in a boost in sells of software in the coming years.

Farmers all over the world are slowly using drone technology to get a better yield and improve their farming efficiency by using drones for effective use of water, land, and fertilizers. Farmers can use an unmanned drone to analyze the soil and crop data by taking pictures of their fields from an altitude. This unmanned aerial vehicle has a thermal camera which provides a better vision. Such images can then be seen by agronomists who can decide a better agricultural plan for the farmer. Not to forget the drones have GPS, GIS and sensor technology which will assist farmers in gathering the information in an easy way.

The Agricultural Drones Market will also see growth in LiDAR drones and photogrammetry imaging application. These will help the farmers to capture infrared, hyperspectral, and multispectral vision of their field. The photos clicked by the use of such a spectral camera will be helpful in soil evaluation and plant health analysis. Moreover, determining spacing issues, visual inspection of crops and fence, Identification of weeds, pests, pesticide usage optimization are some of the other benefits of these cameras.

The development of the use of Drones in agriculture will change the future of agrochemicals business and the types of machinery to be used in agriculture. This will have a major impact on the drone market and its production of the fixed-wing segment.