Firefighter Captures the aftermath of a Forest Fire in Suffolk with his Drone

A firefighter recorded the aftermath of a forest fire with his drone camera. The location is King’s Forest near Bury St. Edmunds, where they had to call 16 fire engines from across Suffolk and Norfolk.

The fire damaged about 3000 sqm of land, the cause of which is under investigation.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue commander Alex Smith said in a tweet, ”Already we are seeing forest fires in Suffolk causing a lot of damage and draining resources”.

The occasion has been Tweeted by Mildenhall police, shows the consumed gets by from some wood and trees in Mildenhall Woods – which is a bit of Thetford Forest – relatively as rescuers look out for the ground where the flares burned the grass. Officers have ensured to deal “overwhelmingly” with those in charge of the fire, saying the exercises of the youngsters were “not worthy”.

Police Tweeted after the event on Saturday, April 13: “Officers reported that a group of youngsters lighted a fire Mildenhall Forest play park which is close to the forest, and found this. Fire affiliation visited and nuances have been taken of those skilled, Will’s character oversaw soundly.”

“Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service officers were called to the scene in Conifer Close, Mildenhall at 8.56am. One get-together was sent to deal with the impact, with the fire levelled out by 9.14am. Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene of the fire; at King’s Forest close Wordwell essentially off the B1106, at around 9.25am on Saturday, May 25.

As showed up by a fire affiliation delegate, around 3,000 square meters of woods was on fire.  Four fire bundles were at first sent to the scene, with the affiliation’s Unimog unforgiving region vehicle and a water transport later referenced to go to by the event ace.

A whole of 15 fire engines – from Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Framlingham, Long Melford, Wickhambrook, Elmswell Brandon and Mildenhall – went to the scene, working in headways to hose down the zone.  One fire pack from Thetford was sent to help.