Drones To Deliver Your Coffee, Ice Cream Soon at Your Door

Drones have already reshaped transportation, military industry and how we use cameras nowadays. It seems that very soon they will bring a significant change in the delivery and cargo system also.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration has approved Wing, Google’s drone service for conducting commercial deliveries with the use of drones. The historic decision is right now limited to the states of Virginia only.

For the first time, the FAA has certified a drone aviation company – Wing. The aviation regulator of US has unlocked the opportunity for these vehicles to help in home deliveries. With such development, it is possible that other drone companies will also receive commercial operation certificates by the Federal Aviation Administration. Many drone companies have started to conduct test flights in the United States. It is imaginable that US skies will soon have significant drone traffic.

Wing Aviation announced its hope to begin drone deliveries in Christiansburg and Blacksburg in the states of Virginia in 2019. Wing reported that delivery of products like medicine and food could be much faster with drones. It will enable consumers to dedicate their time on more meaningful engagements.

During the last few years, Wing has conducted at least 70,000 test flights along with 30,000 cargo deliveries in Queensland, an Australian state. The successful operations of the company in Queensland probably played a significant role in the FAA’s decision.

It is quite obvious that with the approval, Virginia’s air traffic will see a significant increase. Wing, however, stated that deliveries via drones actually pose little risk to the pedestrians, in-comparison to through cars. With drone deliveries, people will get more freedom and more choice if it is required. As these drones use electricity, they are expected to decrease air pollution and road traffic.

Though there is a con of drones that can’t be ignored even if they can impact the daily lives positively. Residents of Canberra, Australia have complained about the noise that the drones made during the test flights. Now it is time to see what the residents of the states of Virginia will say about the test flights that will be conducted soon.