Drones to be mentored by Humming Birds using the all-new Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, we all know observation always has been the base of inventions by the scientists. And now the scenario is not too different. Scientists are now keen to study the methods used by tiny birds to fly at the stunning speeds they are capable of touching within minutes. Nowadays, scientists are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to study how the Humming Bird Flies. They are keen enough to handle the Hummingbird’s way of operating in new drones that are not too big than that of the size of a real Hummingbird — making it very convenient for scientists to not only use the drone for search operations but also to study the real Hummingbirds that can fly at a speed of 55-73km/h.

The drone is giving high hopes to the scientists as an assistant professor, Xinyang Deng of Purdue University explained; This Drone could be helpful in a situation when the robot might be searching for victims in a dark place. And one less sensor to add when we do give the robot the ability to see.

What makes this drone incredible is its size and the lightweight which makes the drone very similar to that of a real Hummingbird. And the smartness of Artificial Intelligence that will help the robot learn the flying techniques of the speed king, Hummingbird. However, it is also true the scientists have put in a lot of hard work to learn and observe the way of the birds in their natural habitat. The team working on the drone has made it using carbon fiber and membranes, cut using lasers. The drone weighs 12grams and is printed in 3D to provide it with a realistic look.

The robot is also capable of creating maps of its surroundings without actually seeing them which makes it best for the classified missions.