Drones Now Respond to 911 Calls in California City

A woman from a car was ramming a man who was going on a motorcycle in California. She chased him down to the streets of Chula Vista in California. A police drone followed them and broadcasted the entire issue to the respective officials.

The officials from the department were working on high-priority issues when they got news about two people fighting. So they deployed this newest emergency tool. With the help of footage from the drone, the officers were able to understand where to find both man and woman and what all happened when they were absent from the scene.

They arrested the woman for assaulting man with a deadly weapon and also found that the man was riding a stolen motorcycle. Motorcycle theft is completely unrelated to the present incident.

This is how the Chula Vista department of police from California is using Drone technology. There are so many instances when the drones are used as a part of the investigation. But this is the first time when a drone is sent out even before the officials. The department started using these drones as a part of their Federal Aviation Administration Program. As the drone goes out ahead of the officers, it will follow the criminal while the crime is still in progress and records everything that is happening there. This footage will help the police in identifying the original culprit.

Lt. Christopher Kelly stated that it gives them an option to watch the entire crime without much of a hassle. We will be watching the situation by sitting in the front seat.

The program has been active for six months now, and in this time period, these drones helped the Chula Vista police to make more than 56 arrests out of the total 6,027 arrests.

Police said that the arrests are up after they started using the drones. As of now, the drone is working in a limited range, i.e., 1-mile radius from the police station.