Drones Now Considered as Crime-Fighting Tools

Sheriff Cullen Talton believes that drones are essential in fighting crime, as it can help in finding missing children or catching suspects fleeing from traffic stops. This is the reason why the Houston County Sheriff’s Office decided to debut their latest tool to aid in crime fighting: the Inspire 1 Drone.

Talton assured the public that the drones would only be used for law enforcement, and not anything akin to spying. It would be essential for every deputy who decides to fly the drone to log the purpose of its flying, and sheriff’s reports would also necessarily be filed for drone flights. Being nosy was out of the question, a reason for using the drone was essential, said Lt Bankston.

In the instance of a crisis, or that of a search warrant or tactical unit: the drone would be able to help the sheriff’s team. By flying over the house, the drone could inform the team its layout and location. If someone were to run into woods, the drone would be able to fly over them as well.

It encourages convenience and efficiency, which is why it has been deployed twice already. It had been used to help search for a suspect who was involved in a killing. The drone proved immensely useful in the wooded area. Additionally, it checked out a capsized boat near the dam on Houston Lake. The drone could take photos, as well as videos, Sgt Darron Jones revealed.

Jones added that its flare camera could quickly pick up on heat signatures, simplifying the process of locating someone in harder to see areas. Locating people who are lost on a waterbody, or even aiding during a natural disaster are some of the drone’s capabilities. It can also be used by the fire department and surrounding agencies, Bankston said.

With Federal Aviation Administration approval, Jamie Hamlin, the owner, and operator of Warner-Robins based Drones of Pray had effectively helped the sheriff’s office decide and purchase the drone. He assured that his knowledge had helped get the public-safety entity up without much difficulty. His prior experience as a retired fighter and drone pilot had given him the expertise.

Being valued at $16,000, the drone is surely deemed to be of extensive technology.