Drones might be used to maintain corrosion in Oil pipes

In a recent study by University Research, it has been found that companies who are looking to avoid corrosion in their oil pipes can use drones to fix them. This study was conducted by the joint venture of H2020 European Research and Innovation project Aeroarms. This study is funded by the European Commission.

The first set of live experiments will be conducted in late May at a refinery in Northern Germany. The experiments will be mapping techniques, multi-sensor localization and new planning method, which are developed by the University of Seville. After this, a number of experiments are to be followed probably at the same refinery in late June and July.

It is speculated that the result generated by this experiment will then be used to generate several industrial products just after the project. These products are said to be aerial manipulators for contact inspection and installation of sensors.

This would be vital in demonstrating how the drone would be able to avoid corrosion in oil pipes. The University of Seville has previous showed how an aerial robot with two arms, using 3D Lidar to map corrosion and using self-developed techniques for position estimation without GPS.

The methods were integrated to create this new technique is Mapping method and Simultaneous Localization. Experts hope that the industrial products created on the basis of this project will increase the efficiency of inspecting corrosion and the time and cost required for maintenance will also be drastically reduced. This will benefit the consumer as the price of oil is also assumed to go down after this project. Moreover, Drone will now be used a lot more in our daily life.