Drones helps in bringing the Sun on Radar at Suncity

The Chhath Puja in the Shipra Suncity was celebrated in a unique way. Due to the sky being covered with thick smog for the entire day, it became hard for the devotees to see the setting sun. But this not deter the zeal and enthusiasm of the devotees who were planning to celebrate their festival.

By mixing up the age-old traditions and rituals along with new technologies, solutions to this issue were provided. The residents of the area make the right use of the technology to help the devotees to see the setting sun. Drones were set off on the premises in order to capture the sunset during the time of Chhath Puja so that the devotees can see the scenic beauty. It helped them to watch an amazing view and complete their tradition.

Chhath is a symbol in the Hindu Philosophy in which it is said that a human is made up of all of the five prime elements of nature which are earth, water, air, fire, and sky. After a person dies the elements began to dissolve in the cycle of life and they can depart to the next world. All the activities during the Chhath puja and offerings are based on this philosophy.

In this festival, people of all caste, religion, and communities come together to celebrate Chhath puja. This helps in binding the communities together showing the significance of this tradition. The festival is mainly celebrated in eastern UP and Bihar but it was also supported in many other areas. Most people who are situated in other states also celebrate their event to give their offerings. These festivals are quite a fervor as the people who celebrate this event also include other people with them to celebrate it.

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