Drones are used to monitor oil spill in Tanjung Balau Waters

The Southern region of Malaysian Marine Department is using the drone technology now to record the videos and images of the oil spill in the waters of Tanjung Balau. These videos and images will help them in identifying the affected areas and implement the cleaning works.

The director of this Marine Department in Southern Region of Malaysia has stated that the use of these drones has helped the person to estimate the extent of the area that is affected by this oil-to-sea discharge.

He has also said that is a common practice for them to use the drones for monitoring any kind of spills in the sea. It is very tough to identify the oil spills in water usually hence the marine department has deployed these drones to make the identification process easier.

These drones will provide a clear aerial view of the oil spill, and to the place, it is headed. They will know where the oil spill will be, either at the beach or in the sea.

This will help the personnel in making their next move, and this includes coming up with a plan to clean up the oil spill. Dickson has also added that these drones will be supervised by the emergency unit of the marine department. The emergency unit will be following the boats and not only assists in the cleanup of oil spills but also comes in handy for any shipwreck event.

He further added that he has the expertise to handle these drones that can be used to record videos and pictures. The drones will keep on recording every movement of the ships. The drones are used in three circumstances- shipwreck, operations to lift the sunken ships and oil spill operations. The drones are also used for maintenance of the navigation tools, etc.