Drone Sighted at the Frankfurt Airport Resulted in Suspension of Operations for an Hour.

A drone was spotted on Frankfurt airport last week due to which it was shut down for an hour to consider the safety of people. The pilot saw the drone on the airport and after which it was closed from 7:20 am until 8:20 am as German federal police were looking for the drone on the airport along with the with-it operator. They tried to look for the drone with the helicopter everywhere but could not find any. So, they are still investigating the incident and trying to get the results as early as possible. The airport was opened after an hour.

Airport also tweeted about the incident and the suspension of flights as it was the second time that incident happened there. They mentioned in a tweet the flights were suspended as a precautionary measure and once the policed completed its search and could not find anything, they resumed the operations and flights. The drone caused a lot of delays, and due to it, around 60 flights were cancelled during that time. About 48 flights were redirected to another airport which was already in the air, and approximately 143 take-offs and landings were cancelled.

Drones are banned from flying within 1.5 km area of an airport. It is legal in Germany to fly a drone but has some strict rules and regulations to be followed. It is also not allowed to fly the drones over hospitals, crowds, prisons, railways, highways, government building and in crowded areas. The maximum height a drone can fly is up to 100 meters, and the operator must be able to see the device while it is operating. It should not go out of sight. Such disruptions are increasing every year, and a rise in number can be tracked in comparison to last year. The main challenge for the air traffic control is that they are not able to see the drones on the radar.