Drone Sighted at one of the Busiest Airports in Germany; Flights were Halted for an Hour

Frankfurt airport has faced a weird experience this morning. A drone was sighted in the airport premises which resulted in halting the planes for an hour. Frankfurt airport is the busiest airport in Germany as it has served almost 14.8 million passengers in the first quarter of 2019.

The airport authorities have tweeted about the details of stopping the plane. The operations were suspended at 7:27 am and exactly an hour after, i.e., 8:18 am, they have resumed again. The tweet stated that the security authorities of Frankfurt airport are looking into the issue. Apparently, this isn’t the first time a drone was sighted near Frankfurt airport. A similar incident occurred back in March when the flights were stopped from flying for half an hour.

The local press reported that nearly 100 takeoffs and landings were stopped due to this issue. As the availability of drones in the market increased, everyone is able to get their hands on these drones. The affordability of them is also one of the reasons why drones are observed most these days.

Recently the second largest airport in the UK, Gatwick airport has faced a similar situation where the airport operations were stopped for more than an hour last year. The incident occurred right at the time of the holiday season which made the situation of passengers even more miserable.

The UK government was criticized for not taking proper measures in advance. They have immediately expanded the “no drone zones” around the airports. Now the drones won’t be allowed within 5 km radius of the airport.

If anyone misuses the drones, the police will take immediate action on that person. Germany brought an amendment back in 2017 stating that the drones shouldn’t be allowed within 1.5 km of the airport radius. However, it is now proved that the 1.5 km is not enough to stop the drones.