Drone Researcher from Purdue University has Patented High Wind Quadcopter Design

A researcher from Purdue University has come up with a patented design for unmanned aerial vehicles and drones that are capable of working in extremely windy conditions. These drones are very efficient and are capable of handling larger payload- writes Purdue University.

Our drone design was inspired by the wings and flight patterns of insects; we created a drone design with automatic folding arms that can make in-flight adjustments.“- said Xiumin Diao, Purdue University’s assistant professor. Diao said that the design would provide drones with enhanced stability in windy conditions because the folding arms present in the drones can move and shift the center of gravity of the device during the flight. He added that the design makes drone more energy efficient because of the movable arm technology. This technology will allow the usage of the full range of rotor thrust.

He also added that the foldable arms would help in search and rescue operations using the drones because they are capable of navigating effectively in the air conditions in ravaged areas and morph by moving the arms to go through narrow spaces.

It has been recorded that more than $700 million was invested in the drone market in 2018. The military, government, and commercial organizations have recognized the capability of drones and have started investing in it.

Diao worked with the office of technology commercialization at Purdue University to patent his device. Now they are looking for other partners and researchers to license their technology.