Drone Problems at Oamaru Airport is not clear in Timaru

Timaru’s airport is free from the illegal drone flying which results in issues at the Oamaru aviation facility. The Oamaru Aiport, which is seven kilometers south of Glenavy Off State Highway, has a meeting of the farmer representatives, Heliventures Staff, aero club, and New Zealand Airline Academy Members regarding the drones flying over the area at night.

At the time night from 8 to midnight there is an illegal drone flying over the area and sometimes every day. Some drones have been flying over private properties and standing over the windows.

Stephen Doran, TDC spokesman said that there are no such issues or complaints regarding the drone flying too close to the aircraft. No such incidents have been capture but it might be because the airport is far away in the country.

There are some reports of the drones flying near the Oamaru Airport which was near the Ferry and McPherson roads. A resident described the drone as a big one with powerful lights. The calves in a farm were scared and gathered in a corner. He said that such activities only have criminal motives.

According to the Waitaki District Council, in order to fly a drone of such size, a license is required but the council does not have any such registration meaning that it’s illegal. The trainee pilots also encounter these drones which were flying very close to the pilots during their night flights.

The misuse of drone for the invasion of privacy is not an acceptable thing which can affect many people’s private life. It is an invasion of privacy and at such time you need to contact the authority. While not theft has been reported till now but all the people are advised to be careful and report any suspicious drone citing.

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