Do not Shoot Down the Drone, Maybe it is not Invading Your Privacy

The first commercial drones are taking flight in the US. These drones are used to deliver blood samples from a clinic present in North Carolina to a lab. As of now these drones are in only one hospital campus and are not flying over homes or offices. But it is coming soon.

In research conducted to analyze consumer perception when it comes to drones, it has been proved that people don’t want the drones to fly over them. Planes and helicopters are not a big concern as they fly at a large distance, but the drones are the ones that people do not like. They feel as if they are being spied on with these drones.

Drones usually carry the video equipment, and as the equipment is quite small, it is not easy to detect this equipment either. On top of that, they can hover for a long amount of time too. Most people have expressed concerns about these drones. They feel that their privacy is invaded when they see any drone in the air. Women are more concerned about these aircraft than men.

Some people are very concerned about these drones if they do not know who is operating it or from where it is being sent. There are so many instances where people shot down the drones thinking that they are spying on them. There are so many companies that are developing anti-drone weapons that are designed for situations exactly like this.

As of now, there are no strict rules for shooting down the drones. But these drones can be used for so many purposes other than spying on someone and in order to use them on a regular basis, the rules about shooting a drone must be made stricter.