Counter Drone Company Violated a Federal Law by Keeping Skies Free during Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival 2019 is in another new issue today. The Miami police have asked Counter Drone company to stop any kind of drones from flying in the sky, but while doing this, they have violated the federal law.

This is one of the key issues that this festival has faced. The festival was held in Virginia, and the police have invited a counter drone company to stop any kind of drones from flying into the sky. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, jamming the drone signals in any particular area is a serious offense. The drone companies who were hired to capture the festival have stated that they faced issues with connection for their two drones.

FAA said to 7news that they are “looking into the report that the Miami Police Department (MPD) hired a company to provide counter-drone services during a recent music festival in Key Biscayne. MPD stopped the operations after the FAA advised the department that the use of counter-drone technologies may create possible conflicts with federal law.”

Department of Defense and Homeland security are the ones that can perform the jamming of signals. The police don’t have any authority over it. Ryan English from FlyMotion said that jamming of signals is indeed dangerous as it can hit anything in the sky or crash down on anyone present on the earth.

While the Miami Police weren’t ready to speak about this issue with media, they just issued one statement that

“After extensive research, we have learned that Vigilant Drone Defense, Inc. was at the 2019 Ultra Music Festival for a demonstration of drone technologies.”

They denied hiring any counter drone companies but asked the organization to show a demo and said that they are not aware that it is against federal law.