Council uses drones to prevent breaching of planning permissions with the building projects

The North Yorkshire County Council has taken the decision to use drones in order to spy upon the various home extensions in case it is suspected that the home extensions are larger than the planned version. To look into the breaches of the guidelines, the North Yorkshire County Council has decided to use the newly bought drones.

This act of surveillance by the North Yorkshire County Council has been resented by the civil liberty campaigners who are of the view that this action by the council is just a smart step to extend the state surveillance.

Silkie Carlo, the director of Big Brother Watch, a campaign group of  North Yorkshire has stated that there should be an implementation of proper guidelines to ensure that the authorities make good use of the drone technology without expanding its surveillance on the public without any valid reason.

North Yorkshire is already witnessing the flying of a number of drones across the country with the aim of investigating the fly-tipping. It had been reported that North Yorkshire has spent an amount of £2,000 on an aircraft which has been licensed by CAA.

The North Yorkshire County Council has further stated that device has been made to carry out a number of functions such as searching of livestock carcasses, work of cowboy builders, etc. The assistant director of growth, planning and trading standards of North Yorkshire County Council, Matte O’Neil has stated that the council believes in the usage of advanced technologies so as to carry out the work in a smoother and efficient manner.

Many passengers were diverted from Gatwick and Stansted to prevent any accidents during a drone scare. A pilot had informed the traffic control about a flying object hovering just over three miles from the airport. However, the military grade anti-drone radar system failed to detect anything.