California Police Agency has authorized for Wider Deployment of Drones

The police operated drones are authorized for broader operation in South California. It means that the drones will be flying beyond the operators’ vision.

The Chula Vista Police department has granted a certificate of authorization by the Federal Aviation minister to fly the drones beyond visual line of site (BVLOS). This will open the doors for expanded use of drones in any kind of emergency response and public safety.

Captain Vern Selle, head of patrol divisions at the department and the leader of drones at first responder operations program stated that this broader operation provision of drones would help to protect the citizens and also to catch the suspects. If they capture better information via these drones and its cameras, they will be able to implement the best tactics and hopefully deescalate and obtain better outcomes.

The police department in California has started exploring the use of these unmanned aerial vehicles or in short UAVs in 2015. After having so many communities and other meetings to establish the ground rules for usage of drones, the department has launched first UAV for its responders. These drones were allowed to be operated in an area of one mile from the pilot.

Kabe Termes, the director of business operations in Cape Aerial Telepresence, has stated that this is the major regulatory win and they are very proud of it. Cape is providing the cloud platform that supports video streaming from the drone.

Termes added that the relaxation of rules would let the drones fly three miles away from the pilot too. To be precise, these drones are used as the first responder for the emergency calls, and they are not made for patrolling or any other kind of surveillance operations. The government is worried about disturbing the privacy of citizens while they are using drones for surveillance and hence they have given it a limited usage.