As the Due Date is near, Drones are completely Banned from Flying around Meghan and Harry’s Home

Meghan and Harry, Duchess of Sussex, moved into a new home recently. A drone pilot attempted to click the image of the house and almost caused a disaster. Although, no damage has occurred the police department banned any kind of drones flying around the house. The due date for Meghan and Harry’s baby is 29th of April, and hence the police are extra careful now.

According to The Sun, police have erected warning signs to not fly the drones on the boundaries of Windsor Home Park. The sign says “POLICE FLIGHT SAFETY NOTICE: DRONES PROHIBITED IN THIS AREA.”

They specifically mentioned that “Launching, landing or operating drones or remote-controlled aircraft is prohibited in this area- Contrary to Article 95 of the Air Navigation Order 2006.”

As the area around the house was vacant, the police used it to erect these signs. The next open event in Windsor Home will be on May 8th, and by then the police will remove all these signs. On 6th of April, a drone pilot attempted to click pictures of the Frogmore cottage where Meghan has moved for delivery.

The drone was flying right around the Windsor Castle, and on the same day, flights were coming, once in every two minutes to the cottage. There was a potential risk of a drone hitting these flights on that day. The Windsor Castle is a prohibited area for flying drones, and the pilot attempted it anyway. In order to make sure that no such things repeat again, the police started erecting the warning signs around the house.

Meghan has moved to Frogmore cottage to give birth to the baby in the house only. It has become very important for the police to give a safer environment for the royal birth.