A Kamikaze Drone Missile Named DroneBullet Can Strike the Aerial Threats

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones can do everything from leading airstrikes to debilitate roadside bombs. What’s more, there are significantly more favorable features of drones in the military and defense activities. In the previous two decades, Drone Technology has been one of the greatest evolutions in warfare.

Recently, as indicated by the Goldman Sachs report, customer spending on drones will probably aggregate about $17 billion by 2020 globally. That is a ton of drones, with no oversight to prevent them from violation virtually. Ongoing occurrences, for example, the one in which a drone brought one of the UK’s most significant airport terminals to a shrieking stop feature the apparent vulnerabilities that exist in this range.

Noam Kenig, CEO of AerialX, told Digital Trends, “This is only the beginning.” He added, “As drones get more portable and available, there’s a real risk of people using them for harm. You need some way to take them down.”

AerialX, Vancouver, Canada based organization claims that it has prepared a magic bullet to stop episodes like this. Utilizing its mastery in regions unmanned aircraft and the machine vision, connected with its contacts in the defense world, AerialX invented a patent-pending solution known as the DroneBullet.

drone bullet

Specifications of DroneBullet

As per Kenig, DroneBullet is a hybrid between a quadcopter and a missile which is a kamikaze drone resembling a miniature missile. Though it claims the quadcopter’s maneuverability. This pocket rocket has a takeoff weight of 910 g, with a 4 km range and has the potential to reach speeds of around 350 km/hr in a dive attack. DroneBullet intends to lock upon opponent drones and later doggedly track them. Eventually, this pocket-sized rocket crashes them out.