Russian Air Force Starts the Testing of MALE Drones

Testing for the medium-altitude long-range drone from the Russian Air Force has started and they are testing Orion MALE (Medium Altitude, Long Endurance) drones which are strike reconnaissance drones.

There were various types of testing like manufacture test phase and State trails along with Weapons tests for the Drones. All these tests were complete in Syria as reported by the Army. After the success of these tests, the Russian Ministry of Defence is planning to make a final decision on the use of drones. The decisions on the serial number and safety features of the drones will be discussed. During the strike configuration the drone, Orion-E is capable of carrying up to four drones. The development of the drones is done by the Kronstadt group.

The Orion is capable of the takeoff with one ton of weight and a payload of 200 kg.  It can travel up to 7.5 kilometers of distance and has a flight time of 24 hours when it is carrying a standard payload. Orion can achieve a maximum speed of 200 km/h for faster services.

This drone is important for the Russian military as they were behind the US and the Chinese Army in air safety. With the help of the drones, they now have advanced air security. The armed drones can be used for long-range attacks giving the Russian army another weapon to their artillery. The drones can be used to gather intelligence and reconnaissance of an area before any military exploit. Such things will help in removing the risk of life and making the missions secure.

The deployment of the MALE drones from the Russian Air force will be for the manned and unmanned reconnaissance. By using the MALE drone the fast and long-range strike attacks will become possible.

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