The Racing Drone Video might Make you Motion Sick

In the video, you can see a drone flying from a quarry in Leicestershire and it will surely make your stomach twist and turn. If you suffer from motion sickness then this video might make your head spin around.

The footage of the drone racing was taken from the Sky of Leicestershire as the drone pilot was Huncote Quarry in South West and Luke Terry O’Brien at Croft of the country that is in between of Hinckley and Leicester. It is something that will make you fall in love with the idea of drone racing.

To shot the video, a first-person camera was used to get a high-definition video. You will feel like you are flying the drone yourself when you watch the video. The operator of the drone was wearing a head-mounted display. In the display, he can watch the live stream from the camera at the drone. This helped in the navigation of the drone in the air to avoid any obstacles and fly it safely. Various types of actions were performed by using the drone to show their multiple features.

In the video, you can see the drone flying over the quarry where you can see Luke who is wearing a helmet. This helmet piece contains the display on which he can see the live feed from the drone. It helps in flying the drone and make it easier to control it in the air. For most of the video, the drone is used for racing against each other. That is what makes this video special as you can simply enjoy the thrill of air racing which is not done before. The main goal for the racing of the drone was to complete the course for the race as quickly as possible.

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