Iran Reveals Anti-US murals on the Old Embassy

Just before the 40th anniversary of the seizure from Haline Islamist Students, new murals were revealed by Iran at the US Embassy in Tehran. According to the state media, this shows the weakness in the power of Washington.

Iran is going to check another year for the takeover which is said as “den of spies” after Islamic revolutions in 1979, in the rallies that are sponsored by the states. This is done by Iran every year.

Students went storming into the embassy after the fall of US-backed shah and during this time about 52 students were held as a hostage. The students were being held for about 444 days and after that, the two countries have been enemies.

Last year when the American President, Donald Trump made a decision to withdraw the power from the 2015 nuclear deal and wanted to reimpose sanctions on them. This led to the anger towards the United States in the anniversary rallies.

The relationship between these two countries was also stained after the attacks on the tankers in the Gulf for which Americans blamed Tehran. Due to the US military drone takedown by Iran, the US also prepare an airstrike which is said to be called off at the last minute from Trump.

According to the state media, the murals have a theme like “America’s Crime around the world and in Iran” and “The Decline of America and the West”.

They also replace the ones were done on the walls over the years and it has now become a museum. This work was revealed by Hossein Salami who is the elite Revolutionary Guards’ command-in-chief.

One work amongst 16, which has 14 murals showed bats around the US Hawk Drone which was down by Iran in June. It was said the drone was spying on their territory.

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