Water Dropping Helicopters Interrupted by Illegal Drones During the Maria Fire incident

The fire in the hillside in Santa Paula was spread quickly over the entire region on a Friday morning and the firefighters were dealing with a lot of things to control the fire. From flying the helicopters at night to drop water over the fire and collision with a thrill-seeking drone, the night was filled with a lot of amazing factors. The fire incident was quite big and it spread quickly all over the place. The fire department was working on controlling the fire by using all their gadgets and technologies.

At 3:19 a.m., a helicopter from Ventura Country Fire Department pilot reported that a drone was seen flying about the fire. It was trying to get a closer picture of the fire along with capturing high definition video. Due to the drone, the air operations were halted for about 45 minutes as it can risk the collision with the drone. This results in increasing the challenge for the fire department to get control of the fire as they have to first get rid of the drone.

At 4:05 a.m. another drone was spotted at the sight of fire which results in another delay.

Due to this another drone, the aerial fight to control the fire was suspended for another hour. There were two helicopters provided to the fire department that has night capabilities to control the fire in the ground. Containing the fire becomes difficult at night and it gives a lot of challenges to the fire department. The Maria fire was started from the top of South Mountain which then move towards South of Santa Paula. The estimated time of the fire was about 6 p.m. The fire then went towards the smalled agricultural towns like Saticoy and Somis.

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