Drone Over Gaza Interrupted by Israeli Military

According to the reports from the military of Israel, they have shot down an unmanned aircraft vehicle that was at an unusual altitude over the Gaza Strip. The number of incidents related to drones has been increasing in the past few months. The army of every country is determining a defense mechanism to help their personnel to spot and take down an undetermined drone.

The Israeli army said that fighter jets were used to fight and take down the drone. There is no comment from the military on this matter. This incident was reported by the army on Tuesday.

After the Haza war, Hamas is already focusing all its efforts on the development of air support that is completely based on the drone. The Iron Dome missile defense system can make it difficult for the damages. Iran has given various UAVs to Hamas in order to help with air safety.

Last year, Hamas also created a new air unit that was solely focusing on intelligence. There is some drone infiltration from drones in Israel from Gaza. While some drones were shot down or intercepted but there were many that returned to Gaza without a single scratch.

Drones were also spotted near Ashkelon and Ashdod and at both events, the Israeli army fought with the aircraft by using the Patriot Missiles. These aircraft are not a weapon that can cause serious damage but Hamas are using it for media impact.

In September, a drone that was from Gaza dropped a bomb on an army vehicle and it was just near the border which divided Gaza and Israel. There was no militant group that took the responsibility of the attack. In response, the military took out targets and hit on Hamas affiliated areas.

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