Drone working for Food, Auto-landing Plane

As time change, the sky was first filled with birds after that it changed to planes and now it is being replaced by Drones. In the latest news, UberEats is planning to launch its six-rotor drone that will help them to deliver the food. The company revealed all the information about their new drones. Uber said that the first delivery from the drone will be in San Diego. The company also mentions that it will start in the Summer of 2020. There are many flaws in the delivery system of food companies and that is why drones are considered to be a great replacement for them.

The company is hoping that the drone delivery will be successful to start using it in other cities. The drone delivery will be a game-changer for UberEats as they will get a significant lead over other companies. People do not trust the delivery system used by the companies as it can tamper during the time of delivery. That is why drones are considered a safer option to ensure that everything is perfect.

A reported used the new self-landing technology in order to land a $2 million jet safely on the ground when the pilot faked a heart attack. There are many selves–landing techs available at the present time but there are many flaws in them. The different thing about this new self-landing tech is that it only required one experienced pilot to supervise the landing whereas the other techs require the input from two people.

Most airplanes are required to fly with two experienced pilots for the obvious safety concerns. This new tech will surely help in making the flights safer so that during an emergency, the co-pilot can land the plane safely and ensure everyone’s safety.

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