Russia’s Orion Drone Flew Strikes in Syria

A product from Kronshtadt Group, an armed, satellite controlled Orion which can be compared to the U.S. Air Force’s Predator Drone has completed combat trial in Syria. The American brand was retired in the year 2017 as it has already served for more than 20 years.

The drone can carry up to 4 missiles at once during its configuration set to attack mode and it was successfully tested in Syria. The drones have already started to arrive in Russia and its operational evaluations are being done at the moment. Now the decisions regarding the launch of the serial number for the drones are under the process.

The Orion was described as the medium-altitude, long-endurance drone. It can have a payload of 200 kg and the maximum takeoff weight of the drone is One ton. It has a ceiling of 7.5 kilometers with up to 24 hours of flight under standard payload. This drone can achieve a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

There is no information about the duration of the tests and the time taken for the tests for the drone in Syria. The only information provided was the success of the drone and with this, the Russian government is also in the development of armed drones in which the U.S and the Chinese government have already made significant progress.

The Russian Military Forces were behind other agencies as they did not have any long ranges surveillance and reconnaissance and unmanned aircraft. The Syrian experience showed the Russian forces the need for the drones. A drone can cover a 100-kilometer distance and then land a strike on the market without putting any person from the military at risk.

With the help from a drone, the striking distance can be achieved. It might take some time for the Russian government to start mass use of these drones.

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