University of Michigan researchers arm a drone with a nailgun

The chances are that you would have seen a drone in action, doing remote surveillance, taking high-resolution images, and even delivering goods that you may have ordered online. But for the first time, University of Michigan researchers have armed a drone with a nail gun. And before you jump to the conclusion that they have weaponized the drone, the fact remains that this octocopter with the nail gun is proving to be extremely useful where roofing solutions are concerned. The researchers have already issued clarifications given the news that the FAA had previously prohibited the public from attaching flame throwers to their drones.

The researchers claim that DJI-S1000 is here to help people and not hurt them in the process. They stated that they armed their drone with a nail gun to provide an effective roofing solution. This should help minimize the risk to human lives and should come handy in the long run. The drone is more of an autonomous roofing robot, which can enable users to attach asphalt shingles without any risk to life. The drone happens to come with Ardupilot, open-source pilot software, along with location markers as well as video cameras, which should send you images in real-time. With this, the drone can locate the shingle and nail within the one-inch gap and can fix it on the new shingle securely.

The nail gun is indicative of the fact that you may soon see the exciting and creative uses of drones shortly. At the moment, this drone cannot work without human input, but it is expected that with better technology, the drone would no longer require human assistance. Some researchers have even proposed developing drones for painting. Does it remain to be seen just how effective a solution would turn out to be?

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Beth Kiley

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