Skydio 2 Drone from Kiteboarder was almost Lost in the Ocean

During the launch of the R1 Drone from Skydio is was given the warning that it should not try to fly it over larger bodies of water which can confuse the drone while flying. To determine its location, R1 needs to find obstacles in its way. This issue was resolved in the latest update o the drone which gives it the ability to fly on the water.

After that, the new ability was also passed on to Skydio 2 drone, where the kiteboarder in which you can see the second generation of the drone put to test for its flying ability over the water.

During the test, his iPhone and Skydio Beacon were in a zip bag to protect it from water. At the time of the test, the drone is quite amazing as it follows him simply but during the time of the turn it just got too close to the water that might have swept away the drone but it nearly missed it.

While sharing his experience of using the drone he said that it is one of his first time flying the drone using a beacon. The AI used in the drone was amazing which provides better navigation in the drone. As the beacon is not waterproof, he had to put it inside a ziplock but the touchscreen worked completely fine even in the ziplock.

Despite being a windy day during the test there were no problems during the test as the drone perform better than expected. According to Jamy, the wind speed on the day of the test was about 18-20mph.

At last, he also mentioned that you can fly the drone over the ocean but you just need to set its height higher so that it does not get caught in the waves.

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