Drone clip showcases drone horror

Well, if nothing else, but the fact that drones are being increasingly used as movie props should tell you that they have indeed become part of our reality. This particular clip features a serial killer transferring his consciousness to a drone. And naturally, the drone is then used to kill some of the local residents in really gruesome scenarios. The clip provided by Lionsgate shows just how a drone can go on a rampage. And as the drone focuses on the newlyweds, Rachel and Chris – they decided to take the drone head-on. It certainly makes for a creative concept and happens to be one of the first to feature a drone in a horror flick.

The film in question was penned and is being directed by Jordan Rubin. Jordan who had already helmed horror movies such as Zombeavers is all set to make his next horror movie take on a more gruesome shape and form. The movie in question is being produced by the Russian production company Bazelevs, who had already produced several other horror movies/thrillers. The latest movie should tell you that it is as interesting as it can get. After all, you may not see that many movies with a drone as one of the chief protagonists.

What is interesting is the fact that drones are becoming multi-functional and can now take on multiple roles. You can even expect drones to feature more regularly in both movies and series as it becomes more popular and is used widely. Of course, you would still need to take the ‘consciousness transfer’ part with a ton of salt. But that being said, the concept is certainly different and the movie should prove to be interesting. You may want to search online for more detailed news and updates regarding the movie.

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