Diabetes gets a makeover with drones

Companies are utilizing drones, individuals, and governments alike with wide-ranging applications. But it is the first time that one has been repurposed for healthcare and in this case, to help diabetes patients. Drones are used by various industries, with its current use ranging from remote monitoring, security, customized delivery solutions, commercial aerial surveillance, shipping, disaster management, and more. With drones, companies and organizations have started to increase their marketing and advertising outreach as well. Given the popularity, it is not that unexpected to see drones being used for healthcare.

The fact remains that some people reside in areas with little or no modern infrastructure or any medical supplies either. And to ensure that the local populace has access to the essentials, including medical supplies, emergency treatment, drugs, etc., drones are being increasingly used in the field of healthcare. Drones enable both aid organizations and medical hospitals to reach out to those who live in remote areas. And thanks to these drones, they can provide the local population with required medical assistance, medical supplies, and emergency medical aid. Moreover, the area in question may not be geographically accessible due to earthquakes or some other natural disasters. According to Derek O’Keefe, drones enable them to reach out to isolated pockets of humanity. They can then provide the locals with all the help they need.

Spyridoula Maraka is of the firm opinion that the field of healthcare will use drones increasingly since they can help the organization save on human resources and other essentials, which can be better utilized. Moreover, with drones, they can reach out to those located in remote locations with ease. These drones can help deliver life-saving medical supplies, including insulin, blood, etc. It is not that farfetched to imagine that these drones will even play an active role in both the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the future.

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Beth Kiley

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